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2024-2025 Pre-Paid Oil Contract Available!

American Discount Oil, INC. is offering you a fixed price pre-pay plan for the 2024-2025 heating season which allows you to pay for your annual heating requirements in full on or before at a fixed price of $3.46 per gallon (400 gallon minimum).

Only while supplies last.

This plan will cover deliveries from September 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025. Any deliveries after prepaid gallons are used, will be charged at the current cash price for that day.

As a fixed price pre-pay customer, you must be on automatic delivery. You will only be removed from our automatic delivery if you notify us by phone or in writing after April 30, 2025. Any deliveries made after April 30, 2025 will be billed at the current cash price for that day. No cash refunds will be issued. Any credit must be taken in oil.

Please note that this agreement will not be valid if the supply of oil is affected due to an act of war, national emergency, disaster or unavailability of oil. Early termination of contract will result in a $500.00 fee. Refusal of delivery will result in a $60.00 fee.

Order Online

Click here to fill out the contract and pay online with a credit card.

Offline Ordering

Click here to download the contract so you can fill it out and bring it to our offices at: